Meat must be good, safe and tasty. That is why pre-packaging companies, supermarkets, central meat companies, catering suppliers, independent butchers and consumers all over Europe depend every day on the top quality of Groot Vlees, which is one of the leading meat suppliers on the European market.  Groot Vlees stocks a number of different brands and is itself part of the renowned Dutch meat corporation Groot Holland, so the quality of its products is guaranteed.

For almost half a century, Groot has had a reputation for reliability and has always been willing to work extra hard to deliver that rush order on time or give you the best possible service in other areas. Groot Vlees is always in control and its team of customer-friendly, service-oriented and skilled employees helps customers wherever possible.

For many years, Groot Vlees has been famous for its wide range of vacuum-packed beef products. Groot Vlees also trades in the renowned meat brand Borghans.

For Groot Vlees, its customers are its partners. That partnership means that our experts actively support your company and the market that you serve. If there is a change in the demand in your market, we will always help you to adapt your products to that change. We have our own transport department, so your orders are delivered extremely quickly after you have placed them. At Groot Vlees, the lines are short and you know exactly who you are doing business with and where you stand at any given moment. And you can always contact us if you have any questions.

 Would you like to know more about what real partnership means for your meat delivery? Then contact us and we’ll get back to you within one working day!